Marketing Your Art While Painting, Too — First Steps

10 Nov

Daydreaming by Steve Henderson

I ran into an artist the other day who is just testing the waters about marketing his work. I walked him through our website at Fine Art Studio Online, explaining how the system was set up by a computer genius who is also an artist, and how an artist can successfully use it without being a computer genius.

“If I called myself a computer idiot, I would be overrating my abilities,” he told me. “I just want to paint, and the task of marketing myself seems daunting. How can I both paint and market myself?”

The Norwegian Artist and I have solved this issue by being married to one another — he paints, I market — not such an unusual situation, we are finding. For those who must be both husband and wife, there is, true, double the work, but as with any daunting task, breaking things down to manageable pieces enables one to make quantifiable progress.

In the case of our self-described Computer Idiot AF, I recommended that he look at a basic computer set-up, take some free classes at the library to acquaint him with the basics, and sign up for a two-month free trial at Fine Art Studio Online.

I honestly don’t work for Fine Art Studio Online, or FASO, but I do appreciate a website that is easy to start up and maintain. If our AF friend did nothing more than spend an hour or so a week in the basic site maintenance tasks of posting recent artwork, show information, artist bio information, and so on, he would be way ahead of where he started, and he would still have time to paint.

Although I keep complete Excel spreadsheet files of every aspect of our business, I use the website as a quick overview of what we have where, and frequently can answer a client or gallery’s question simply by looking through the site. As a marketing tool I find the site invaluable, incorporating the link into every e-mail, every letter, business card, gallery note card, web visit, and appropriate conversations. It is a de facto portfolio of the Norwegian Artist’s  existing work, constantly updated to reflect the latest paintings, shows, workshops, or resume information.

Next article, Make a List


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