Treating Yourself in Today’s Economy

19 Apr

“Do people still buy fine art in this economy?”

My mother, ever the practical woman who lived through the Depression and successfully raised five kids to adulthood, always has good questions.

Available as an original, print, or miniature study, The Pataha is an example of fine art that meets the needs of various budgets.

The answer is, “yes,” but as in everything in this ever-changing, never-got-your-finger-on-it economy, they do it differently.

Ten years ago, when house prices were literally and unsustainably going through the roof, people purchased art, as they purchased many things, as an impulse item. Today’s buyer, however — especially collectors who live real-people lives with mortgages and angst at the gas pump — looks at the art several times, oftentimes contacting the artist directly via e-mail, phone, or in person to discuss the work itself, as well as the price, payment information, and payment plans, if available.

The result is that, when the collector takes home the painting, he or she feels good about the purchase, because it was made with an eye to the budget. It’s actually a better, more sustainable, and less stressful way of treating oneself.

Artists, as well, are finessing their products to the need of the marketplace, many offering fine art, archival prints of their paintings, some for the price of a bottle of good wine or a family evening at the movie theater. The difference is, once the wine is gone or the movie is over, the money is gone; but with the print, the art stays, becoming a part of the buyer’s daily life.

At Steve Henderson Fine Art, we are committed to getting real art into the lives and homes of real people, and for this reason we welcome hearing from you who are interested in Steve’s work. If you’ve never contacted an artist before, don’t be shy or feel that this is something “real collectors” don’t do. Increasingly, collectors across the board are finding that direct contact with the artist, before and after purchasing the work, enhances their appreciation of their collection. Good questions always deserved to be asked, and they deserve good answers. You can reach us through our Contact Form on the Steve Henderson Fine Art Gallery website.

In addition to Steve’s originals, we offer a complete line of Signed, Limited Edition Prints, starting at $55, and regularly offer Workshops for those pursuing their painting path.

These are not easy days in which to live — there is much uncertainty. There is, however, also much beauty in the world around us, and a painting — be it original or a print — captures that beauty and allows us to lose ourselves in it, over and over, any time of the day or night.


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