Do You Want It? Then Buy It.

8 Jun

Those of you who know my alter-ego, Middle Aged Plague, will have read about my recent purchase of a Kindle (I Am (amazon) Woman: Hear Me Roar!

“What an exciting life this woman leads.”

She’s gorgeous, she’ll look great on the wall, and she’s available in everything from the original to a print to a note card.

I know.

An ostentatiously ordinary person with personal tastes in which I indulge now and then,  I live as intimately with our household budget as I do with the Norwegian Artist (although I am far, far more enamored of the Norwegian). I’m sure that the word “budget” is not an unfamiliar one in your household.

Which is the point: While I do not indiscriminately spend — my usual shopping experience involving cheese, canned tomatoes, and butter, sometimes more exciting items like flip flops, printer ink, and stamps — I do save up for those completely and totally “I want this! I want this!” items, and when the jar is full I dump the coins into an envelope, transfer the funds to the bank, and buy whatever it is I’ve had my eye on.

Guilt free.

Generally, “I want this!” items are not ones you eat, repair the house with, stuff into bathroom cabinets, or put into the dog’s bowl, which makes them difficult to justify because you don’t really “need” them, but in a way you do, because they feed that happy little person inside of you who couldn’t sleep for weeks before your birthday, or who skipped with joy over a pair of new, wildly outrageous shoes.

Basic brown serviceable shoes that fit right are all your feet really need. (I remember discussions along this topic with my mother when I was a child.) But they’re so much less than what you want.

And is it so very bad to admit that you want something that you don’t really need? We buy things we don’t really need all the time, but because they’re part of our everyday purchases, we don’t agonize about it:

You don’t really need the latte. You could have coffee at home. Better yet, water fulfills your hydration requirements.

Take out pizza? Make it yourself. Actually, whole wheat toast, a banana, and apple juice would probably fulfill the same nutritional needs. Better yet, oatmeal with raisins. It’s cheaper.

That’s a cute blouse; it looks good on you. But a serviceable, well-constructed t-shirt will last longer and clothe you adequately for less.

The original fills the wall — 32 x 48 — the small print is just right for that area above the table in the foyer — the note card will brighten someone’s day, especially with your handwritten message inside.

If you follow this level of extreme practicality to, well, its extreme, then life becomes dull indeed — kind of like all math and science classes in the semester schedule and no art, no music, no drama, no history, no literature — just a bunch of numbers and formulas. While it is undoubtedly practical and budget friendly, such economic austerity of the soul eventually takes its toll, and like the dieter who denies himself anything that smacks of a cookie,  you break down one day and binge — on cheesecake, on cake, on ice cream, on doughnuts.

It would have been so much easier to build the cookie into the diet plan.

So go ahead — plan for the fun things — like fine art, which, from us — because we know what budgets are — you can get as originals, prints, even note cards, representing a variety of sizes and price ranges. We even set up interest-free payment plans, because we believe that art belongs in the homes of real people, not limited to art museums.

Do you want it?

Then buy it.

All of the work that you see through this site is painted by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art. Because we believe that real art belongs in the homes of real people with real incomes, we offer Steve’s artwork, in addition to its original form, as signed, limited edition prints, miniatures, and note cards for a reachable price. For those of you who want a print but don’t know how to frame it, we will do so for you for a nominal extra cost. Contact Us with your questions and we’ll work with you to get fine art into your home.


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