Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: Why, Exactly?

31 Aug

“When someone tells you to ‘get out of your comfort zone,’ wait for it. It’s highly likely that they’re subtly or not-so-subtly nudging you into doing something that they know you don’t want to do, but they need done.” 

From Start Your Week with Steve, the free weekly e-mail newsletter from Steve Henderson Fine Art, designed to jump start your week with flair.

We really owe seminar speakers a lot: they are the ones who come up with these tiresome platitudes that we battle on a daily basis.

Dancer by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are random people so concerned about my comfort zone, and whether or not I’m in it?”

And, “Just where is it that they want me to go?”

In the real world, there is a difference between a rut and a path, the former being a place where dirty water settles and gets your feet all wet, the latter being a directional aid in getting you where you want to go. All too frequently, we muddy the two, helped, no doubt, by people around us who point out that we seem too “comfortable” doing things the way we do, and perhaps we should step off our clear path onto the one they are suggesting.

But there is a reason we feel comfortable doing what we do: it fits us. It makes sense. It’s relatively easy because it meshes with the way we think, believe, and process information. It’s only when we’re afraid, timid, reluctant, huddled in the ditch against the breeze that we’re actually in a rut, and generally, we can figure this out without someone pointing it out to us.

Go ahead: do what you do best, and do it in the way that makes sense to you. Challenge yourself, try something new, shake up your routine — but do it because you want to do it, not because someone scolds you into thinking that you should.


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