Buying Fine Art Directly from the Artist

21 Feb

I don’t know about you, but ten years ago I had difficulty buying anything but a book online over the Internet. I mean, what if I bought socks and they didn’t fit? (This problem was solved when I started knitting my own socks.) Or shoes?

And then I started buying things. I started with tea — I found a reputable tea dealer (Upton Tea, for those of you who are interested), and was ecstatic to find that their product — in addition to being something I couldn’t find locally — was superb, and their customer service was unparalleled.

Buying direct from the artist -- at least this artist -- saves you money. AND you can communicate with the artist personally.

Buying direct from the artist — at least this artist — saves you money. AND you can communicate with the artist personally.

From tea we went to all sorts of products, and now, a significant amount of our monthly purchases are made online through the Internet.

So what about fine art? Can you successfully purchase it over the Internet?

Given that we sell Steve’s paintings online, I would say, “Yes, definitely, depending from whom you are purchasing.” In the same way that I was ecstatic over my tea purveyor’s selection, quality, and customer service, we at Steve Henderson Fine Art take seriously these same elements:

1) We have a wide selection of artwork, in various prices, from which to choose. From originals to limited edition prints to posters, we span the price range and meet any budget.

2) The quality of Steve’s work — both of the actual artwork and the materials upon which it rests — is superb.

3) We stand behind everything we sell, from a PDF Article Booklet to an original painting.

4) We work as closely with our clients as they wish — each and every purchase made through the Buy Now Button is inidividually acknowledged, and clients are given detailed information as to when and how their product will be shipped. Many of our clients who purchase originals or limited edition prints communicate with us back and forth via e-mail or phone (and we now have the option to Skype), and we ensure that their questions are answered to their satisfaction — before, during, and after the sale.

5) For those people who wonder, “Who are you, anyway? How do I know it’s safe to buy through the individual artist as opposed to a ‘real’ gallery?” we willingly provide business and character references. You will not offend us by asking.

As you will see by reading Our Prices, one of the best things about buying directly from the artist — at least this artist — is that you do not pay the extra price to cover the gallery’s commission, which is frequently 50 percent of the painting’s sale price. Buying direct, in this case, really does save money.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at


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