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Learn to Watercolor

17 Aug
Purple Iris -- original watercolor by Steve Henderson. Learn how to paint your own Purple Iris with Step by Step Art Success -- Watercolor.

Purple Iris — original watercolor by Steve Henderson. Learn how to paint your own Purple Iris with Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor.

The other day I was at the post office, sending out DVDs of Steve Henderson’s new digital workshop, Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor. When I mentioned what was in the padded envelopes to the postal associate, she exclaimed,

“I took a watercolor workshop YEARS ago, but I’ve never done anything since. I’ve still got the paints, the paper, the brushes, everything — but I haven’t known what to do. What is the website link?”

If you have always wanted to learn watercolor, or if you painted years ago and want to jump back in, or if you paint watercolor now and wish you could improve, Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor, is the resource for you. First in a series of digital workshops (Steve is now, in between working on his next Santa painting, developing a three-part series on How to Draw), Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor is available as a DVD or $19.95 and a download for $14.95 — just follow the link in Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor.

With a one-hour running time, Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor goes over the same material Steve teaches in his two-day workshops, and you can take as long as you wish to paint the two sample watercolors, Purple Iris and Lonesome Barn.

Below, enjoy the informational YouTube video about Step by Step Art Success — Watercolor. If the video isn’t working, this is the link — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GTB8fnrD0Q


An Affordable Workshop in Your Home

19 Jul
Purple Iris -- original watercolor by Steve Henderson

Purple Iris — original watercolor by Steve Henderson

Wait for it — but it won’t be long.

Steve Henderson is putting together a PowerPoint video series of how-to-paint workshops based upon actual workshops that he gives. First on the docket is Purple Iris. While he was painting this piece, Steve took photos every few brush strokes, and he is assembling a painting tutorial that will allow students to follow the process with him, step by step. This tutorial covers the same material that Steve presented in a recent watercolor workshop, and he finessed the final product based upon the feedback of his workshop students.

At the end of the tutorial, students will not only have a completed painting, they will have spent a considerable amount of time with Steve, learning what materials he uses, what colors of paints, what techniques, and how he chooses the subject matter for a painting piece in the first place. The information learned will enable students to launch forward into their next painting project.

It’s amazing — the information found in a two-day workshop, which can run anywhere from $100 – $300 — but for much, much less. Think more along the lines of the price of a book but replete with visuals, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions. For amateurs, the guides will gently lead; intermediates who are confident to push forward boldly can grab the information they need and keep advancing. As a homeschooling father, Steve is excited about the possibilities of working with the homeschool community; many, many parents have children who are interested in art, but the opportunities for lessons are limited, both financially and geographically.

We will post the new tutorials on the website as soon as they are available, and we will alert Steve’s Facebook followers and newsletter subscribers as well. If you want to move forward on your art and there is something that you want to learn, contact us at Carolyn@SteveHendersonFineArt.com with your ideas. We listen to them all.